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SMTP Control Release Notes

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Version 0.5.0 :

  • Add & Test support of Thunderbird 5.0.x
  • Add support for multiple identities for a single mail account (long time expected feature / bug correction).
  • Add discovery of WiFi Access Point and ability to define a location based on the neighboring WiFi AP MAC addresses or WiFi SSID.
  • Add WiFi AP or SSID rules when defining a location.
  • Start introduction of "auto rules". User will no longer have to describe manually the rules defining a location. SMTP Control will transform the current properties in rules.
  • In option dialog, locations are now displayed with a splitted list for rules. One for static rules, one for auto rules. Not same actions are available depending on the rule.
  • Define several location algorythms based on matching or "probabilities". An hidden prefs allow the user to choose the algorythm.
  • Adding support for Thunderbird 3.1.* (tested TB 3.1)
  • Move menu item "Create New Location" from sub-popup menu to main SMTP Control tool menu popup. Hide "Change Location" sub-menu, when no location.
  • In option dialog, current information display will not allow anymore actions like exclude IP or relocate. To exclude an IP from the current list, use the location advance settings.
  • Add a taskbar label with the current location.
  • Add a setting option to enable or not the location name display in the  taskbar.
  • Code improvment :
  • Remove use of setInterval() to be compliant with Mozilla validation and error tool. Replaced by setTimeout().
  • Introduce "prototype" for object classes.
  • Migrate objects and classes to JS Module concept. Should improve performance.
  • Split the single smtp_control.dtd file in several DTD files. One file per XUL file. This will limit the impact of an syntax error in the DTD file. An error will just impact the corresponding window and not all the add-on or worth TB.
  • Add a check of the MAC Address format when adding a static rule.
  • Bugs Correction :
  • Fixed : When showing advanced location settings, opening a groupbox will automatically closed any already opened groupbox. This will solve the display overflow in the dialog window.         
  • Fixed : SMTP Control do not detect location with local IP address.
  • Fixed : Drop down account menu list for SMTP Filtering was not supporting the use of cursor keys.
  • Fixed : SMTP Filtering enable/disable checkbox was not working in some  situation (display problems).
  • Fixed : Do not add a duplicate rule when swaping a location or when creating a location from the add location wizard.

Version 0.4.0 :

  • Take care of SMTP removal. When an SMTP server is removed the reference to this SMTP server is removed from the SMTP Control preferences. Which means that if the SMTP server was selected as the default for a location, the  location will now use the global default SMTP.
  • Add a warning when sending message with "Send Later" command.
  • Add the ability to keep SMTP Control preferences while uninstalling the add-on.
  • Change override technic for sending message. Be more compatible with other add-on override of same command.
  • Code improvment to use a uniq namespace for SMTP Control
  • Change in the credits tab
  • Bugs Correction :
  • Fixed : SMTP Swaping is not working in TB 3.0 due to different overriding behaviour in TB 3.0
  • Fixed : Duplicate IP addresses can be manually added in the IP address exclusion list.
  • Fixed : SMTP Swaping based on location is not working when sending email with Ctrl+Return keyboard shortcut, or from the "Send Now" button in file menu.
  • Fixed : When an account is removed, the corresponding prefs in  SMTP Control branch are not cleaned. When creating a new account the same id might be used and create collision with prefs.

Version 0.3.1 :

  • Bugs Correction :
  • SMTP Swaping was not working in TB 3.0 due to different overriding behaviour in TB 3.0

Version 0.3.0 :

  • New Features :
  • Adding support for Thunderbird 3.0
  • Bugs Correction :
  • Error while reading list of SMTP servers with TB 3.0
  • When adding a new location with the wizard, local ip rule is not added correctly in the location definition.
  • Default SMTP server for location was not loaded correctly from preferences.
  • Error in rule settings window. When creating a rule, an error prevent displaying the rule properties and creating more rules.

Version 0.2.2 :

  • Bugs Correction :
  • Default SMTP server for location was not loaded correctly from preferences.

Version 0.2.1 :

  • Bugs Correction :
  • Error in rule settings window. When creating a rule, an error prevent displaying the rule properties and creating more rules.

Version 0.2.0 :

  • New Features :
  • Define new location rule : remote network information.
    SMTP Control is now able to check the real public IP internet address and other remote informations (hostname, proxy, ...) by doing an http request to a configurable external web service
  • Add background scheduling of network information refresh and relocation if needed.
  • Improve location accuracy by introducing best match algo and last used location for tie-break.
  • Add rule type information in preferences.
  • Location can be defined by hostname (with optional wildcard)
  • Add support of transparent proxy remote info request.
  • Use error console as trace output.
  • Move "excluded IP" and "Location by account" in advanced location tab config.
  • Change tabs order in location tabpanel.
  • Introduce webservices to read remote network information.
  • Add dialogBox to add/remove/edit webservices.
  • Code improvment : organize code arround objects.
  • Bugs Correction :
  • Duplicate rules are added to the same location
  • Several other bugs

Version 0.1.0 :

  • New Features :
  • Code cleaning for preparing public nomination.
  • Add support for French locale.
  • Bugs Correction :
  • ReLocate button was not working in option dialog. Corrected.
  • Several other minor bugs.

Version 0.0.5 :

  • New Features :
  • Add the ability to add a current IP address as an excluded one with a single click
  • Add support for network masks from 1 to 32 bits
  • Change the default behavior of the location per account. Starting with 0.0.5 email account will enable per location default SMTP. User will have to disable location if needed for an email account. - Add a wizard to easily create new location
  • Move "Current Location" tab after "Per account location" tab
  • Improved use of Locale variable for text,label, buttons - When uninstalling SMTP Control add-on all the preferences in the user preferences file are removed.
  • Location search algorythm improvment. Include a probability factor to differentiate between similar ip lists. For example when there is only one current IP, single IP rule must have more priority than multiple rules. Or when several current ip, rules with same number of ips must have better chance.
  • Add support for /0 mask in rules. When using a /0 mask, the rule will match any ip address, which mean any location. When used with a multiple ip rule, this gives the ability to declare a VPN location which can be a situation where the VPN IP subnet is well-known, on top of any IP address.
  • Add creation date properties for a location. - Add post install scripts and store version and install date.
  • Bugs Correction :
  • Bug correction : When removing/editing/adding an excluded ip, update the current ip tab dynamically.
  • Bug correction : When adding an excluded IP network, mask set to 0 is not anymore supported because this will match all IP addresses and then disable location search.
  • Bug correction : When removing a location, and just after creating a new one (without closing the option window) SMTP Control fail to create any new location (manual clean needed in prefs). Corrected.

Version 0.0.4 :

  • Add support for IMAP mail accounts
  • Add location support. Several location can now be defined and depending on detected location (home, office, ...) the default SMTP is automatically changed. Per Location Default SMTP can be enabled per mail account.
  • Location definition and detection is based on station IP address. Some well-known IP addresses can be ignored.
  • Add ability to create a new location from current IP addresses when location is unknown.
  • Replace "onunload" and "onunload" overrides by event listener in message compose window. This is less intrusive for compatibility with other add-ons.
  • Remane smtp_control_compose.js to sc_compose_overlay.js

Version 0.0.3 :

  • Code improvment : Move filtering actions just before the send command.
  • Add filtering of the default SMTP server or static user SMTP server when using the global send button rather than the send popup menu.
  • Bug correction : When the user activate SMTP filtering, but select no SMTP server, SMTP Control automatically disable SMTP filtering for the
    mail account, allowing all SMTP server. Corrected. Bug correction : When changing the SMTP Control settings while the
    compose window is already opened, the SMTP popup menu is not correctly updated. Corrected.
  • Bug correction : When the send action fail and the user tries to use a second dynamic SMTP the swap back to default configuration fail and stay on the first dynamic selected SMTP. Corrected.
  • Bug correction : SMTP filtering was all the time enabled by default and filter all the servers. Corrected.

Version 0.0.2 :

  • Add SMTP filtering feature. SMTP Control allow to filter the use of SMTP Servers per mail account. This feature is enabled per mail account.
  • SMTP swap is now supported for mail account with static SMTP configuration. Previous version was only able to swap SMTP server for mail account that are using global default SMTP configuration.
  • Use stringbundle to localize alert message and strings in javascript.
Last Updated on Friday, 15 July 2011 12:33