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Quick File Mail User Guide

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Using QuickFileMail

Type few characters of the folder name in the search box :


The popup menu shows all the selections that match the search criteria. The blue LED means that you have several results for the search. Improve the search by giving more char. Chars can be separated by spaces to match different part of the folder fullname.



Then press [Return] on the search box, or click on "Move Message".

You can also use the "More ..." button to have a popup view :


Just doubleclik on the right folder. Or filter with the textbox :


QuickFilemail Folder Selection Popup can also be launched from the task menu, or with a keyboard shirtcut (default ALT+Q) :



QuickFileMail Settings

General Settings :

  • Mark message as Read when moved : Allow you to move messages to the right folder, and at the same time mark it as read.
  • Open Find Folder Popup Accelerator : Select the key shortcuts that will open the advanced search popup window.

Display Settings :

  • Display Short Folder Name : By default the folder names are the full path folder. Like "Administration/Bank/MyBank", following the folder hierarchy you create in TB. By selecting short name, only the last name in the full path will be displayed. Like "MyBank". To avoid confusion, you need then to use different names for the folders.
  • Truncate Folder Names :When your hierarchy of folders is ery deep, or the folder names are very long, they might not fit in the toolbar popup menu or the advanced search window. You then have the ability to limit the size of the displayed name with "truncate threshold" and select if you prefer the name to be truncated in the center (like : "Adminis...nk/MyBank") or at the begining (like : "...n/Bank/MyBank"). When selecting the center mode, you can set the number of chars you want to have on the left.

Folders filtering settings :

  • System Folders to ignore : Select which type of folders you want to exclude from the search for a folder to fil.
  • User Folders to ignore : Create rules to define which folders to ignore. 3 types of rules are available.
    • Wildcard rule : Search for a string in the full path name of the folders. Stars (*) are wildcards and will match any numbers of any character.
    • Regular Expression Rule : Search a string by using a regular expression set by you. Setting an invalid regular expression will generate a bug in QuickFileMail.
    • String Rule : The full path name of the folder must match the full string
Last Updated on Thursday, 01 July 2010 11:38