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PclZip Release Notes

Release Notes 2.2

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  • Try development of PCLZIP_OPT_CRYPT ..... However this becomes to a stop. To crypt/decrypt I need to multiply 2 long integers, the result (greater than a long) is not supported by PHP. Even the use of bcmath functions does not help. I did not find yet a solution ...;
  • Add missing '/' at end of directory entries
  • Check is a file is encrypted or not. Returns status 'unsupported_encryption' and/or error code PCLZIP_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_ENCRYPTION.
  • Corrected : Bad "version need to extract" field in local file header
  • Add private method privCheckFileHeaders() in order to check local and central file headers. PclZip is now supporting purpose bit flag bit 3. Purpose bit flag bit 3 gives the ability to have a local file header without size, compressed size and crc filled.
  • Add a generic status 'error' for file status - Add control of compression type. PclZip only support deflate compression method. Before v2.2, PclZip does not check the compression method used in an archive while extracting. With v2.2 PclZip returns a new error status for a file using an unsupported compression method. New status is "unsupported_compression". New error code is PCLZIP_ERR_UNSUPPORTED_COMPRESSION.
  • Add optional attribute PCLZIP_OPT_STOP_ON_ERROR. This will stop the extract of files when errors like 'a folder with same name exists' or 'a newer file exists' or 'a write protected file' exists, rather than set a status for the concerning file and resume the extract of the zip.
  • Add optional attribute PCLZIP_OPT_REPLACE_NEWER. This will force, during an extract' the replacement of the file, even if a newer version of the file exists. Note that today if a file with the same name already exists but is older it will be replaced by the extracted one.
  • Improve PclZipUtilOption()
  • Support of zip archive with trailing bytes. Before 2.2, PclZip checks that the central directory structure is the last data in the archive. Crypt encryption/decryption of zip archive put trailing 0 bytes after decryption. PclZip is now supporting this.
Last Updated on Friday, 04 December 2009 18:38

Release Notes 2.1

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  • Add the ability to extract a file (or several files) directly in the standard output.
    This is done by the new parameter PCLZIP_OPT_EXTRACT_IN_OUTPUT with method extract().
  • Add support for parameters PCLZIP_OPT_COMMENT, PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_COMMENT,
    PCLZIP_OPT_PREPEND_COMMENT. This will create, replace, add, or prepend comments
    in the zip archive.
  • Add the ability to abort the extraction by using a user callback function.
    The user can now return the value '2' in its callback which indicates to stop the
    extraction. For a pre call-back extract is stopped before the extration of the current
    file. For a post call back, the extraction is stopped after.
  • When merging two archives, the comments are not any more lost, but merged, with a
    blank space separator.
  • Corrected bug : Files are not deleted when all files are asked to be deleted.
  • Corrected bug : Folders with name '0' made PclZip to abort the create or add feature.
Last Updated on Friday, 04 December 2009 18:37

Release Notes 2.0

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  • ***** Warning : Some new features may break the backward compatibility for your scripts.
    Please carefully read the readme file.
  • Add the ability to delete by Index, name and regular expression. This feature is
    performed by the method delete(), which uses the optional parameters
  • Add the ability to extract by regular expression. To extract by regexp you must use the method
    extract(), with the option PCLZIP_OPT_BY_EREG or PCLZIP_OPT_BY_PREG
    (depending if you want to use ereg() or preg_match() syntax) followed by the
    regular expression pattern.
  • Add the ability to extract by index, directly with the extract() method. This is a
    code improvment of the extractByIndex() method.
  • Add the ability to extract by name. To extract by name you must use the method
    extract(), with the option PCLZIP_OPT_BY_NAME followed by the filename to
    extract or an array of filenames to extract. To extract all a folder, use the folder
    name rather than the filename with a '/' at the end.
  • Add the ability to add files without compression. This is done with a new attribute
  • Add the attribute PCLZIP_OPT_EXTRACT_AS_STRING, which allow to extract a file directly
    in a string without using any file (or temporary file).
  • Add constant PCLZIP_SEPARATOR for static configuration of filename separators in a single string.
    The default separator is now a comma (,) and not any more a blank space.
    THIS BREAK THE BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY : Please check if this may have an impact with
    your script.
  • Improve algorythm performance by removing the use of temporary files when adding or
    extracting files in an archive.
  • Add (correct) detection of empty filename zipping. This can occurs when the removed
    path is the same
    as a zipped dir. The dir is not zipped (['status'] = filtered), only its content.
  • Add better support for windows paths (thanks for help from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
  • Corrected bug : When the archive file already exists with size=0, the add() method
    fails. Corrected in 2.0.
  • Remove the use of OS_WINDOWS constant. Use php_uname() function rather.
  • Control the order of index ranges in extract by index feature.
  • Change the internal management of folders (better handling of internal flag).
Last Updated on Friday, 04 December 2009 18:35
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