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Release Notes 2.7

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  • Improve creation of zip archive for large files : PclZip will now autosense the configured memory and use temporary files when large file is suspected.
    This feature can also ne triggered by manual options in create() and add() methods.
    'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_ON' force the use of temporary files, 'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_OFF' disable the autosense technic, 'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_THRESHOLD' allow for configuration of a size threshold to use temporary files.
    Using "temporary files" rather than "memory" might take more time, but might give the ability to zip very large files : Tested on my win laptop with a 88Mo file :
    Zip "in-memory" : 18sec (max_execution_time=30, memory_limit=180Mo)
    Zip "tmporary-files" : 23sec (max_execution_time=30, memory_limit=30Mo)
  • Replace use of mktime() by time() to limit the E_STRICT error messages.
  • Bug correction : When adding files with full windows path (drive letter) PclZip is now working. Before, if the drive letter is not the default path, PclZip was not able to add the file.