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PclZip Release Notes

Release Notes 2.8

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Version 2.8.2 :

  • PCLZIP_CB_PRE_EXTRACT and PCLZIP_CB_POST_EXTRACT are now supported with extraction as a string (PCLZIP_OPT_EXTRACT_AS_STRING). The string can also be modified in the post-extract call back.
  • **Bugs correction :
  • PCLZIP_OPT_REMOVE_ALL_PATH was not working correctly
  • Remove use of eval() and do direct call to callback functions
  • Correct support of 64bits systems (Thanks to WordPress team) .

Version 2.8.1 :

  • Move option PCLZIP_OPT_BY_EREG to PCLZIP_OPT_BY_PREG because ereg() is deprecated in PHP 5.3. When using option PCLZIP_OPT_BY_EREG, PclZip will automatically replace it by PCLZIP_OPT_BY_PREG.

Version 2.8 :

  • Improve extraction of zip archive for large files by using temporary files This feature is working like the one defined in r2.7. Options are renamed : PCLZIP_OPT_TEMP_FILE_ON, PCLZIP_OPT_TEMP_FILE_OFF, PCLZIP_OPT_TEMP_FILE_THRESHOLD
  • Add a ratio constant PCLZIP_TEMPORARY_FILE_RATIO to configure the auto sense of temporary file use.
  • Bug correction : Reduce filepath in returned file list to remove ennoying './/' preambule in file path.

Release Notes 2.7

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  • Improve creation of zip archive for large files : PclZip will now autosense the configured memory and use temporary files when large file is suspected.
    This feature can also ne triggered by manual options in create() and add() methods.
    'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_ON' force the use of temporary files, 'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_OFF' disable the autosense technic, 'PCLZIP_OPT_ADD_TEMP_FILE_THRESHOLD' allow for configuration of a size threshold to use temporary files.
    Using "temporary files" rather than "memory" might take more time, but might give the ability to zip very large files : Tested on my win laptop with a 88Mo file :
    Zip "in-memory" : 18sec (max_execution_time=30, memory_limit=180Mo)
    Zip "tmporary-files" : 23sec (max_execution_time=30, memory_limit=30Mo)
  • Replace use of mktime() by time() to limit the E_STRICT error messages.
  • Bug correction : When adding files with full windows path (drive letter) PclZip is now working. Before, if the drive letter is not the default path, PclZip was not able to add the file.

Release Notes 2.6

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  • Code optimisation
  • New attributes PCLZIP_ATT_FILE_COMMENT gives the ability to add a comment for a specific file. (Don't really know if this is usefull)
  • New attribute PCLZIP_ATT_FILE_CONTENT gives the ability to add a string as a file.
  • New attribute PCLZIP_ATT_FILE_MTIME modify the timestamp associated with a file.
  • Correct a bug. Files archived with a timestamp with 0h0m0s were extracted with current time
  • Add CRC value in the informations returned back for each file after an action.
  • Add missing closedir() statement.
  • When adding a folder, and removing the path of this folder, files were incorrectly added with a '/' at the beginning. Which means files are related to root in unix systems. Corrected.
  • Add conditional if before constant definition. This will allow users to redefine constants without changing the file, and then improve upgrade of pclzip code for new versions.


Last Updated on Friday, 04 December 2009 18:47
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