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PclTemplate Release Notes

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Version 0.5 :
  • Add support for including template files in template, by using keyword 'include'.
  • Add some support for error reporting in template parsing.

Version 0.4 :

  • Support for nested blocks (if inside list, list inside if, ...)
  • 'ifnot' bug correction.

Version 0.3 :

  • Support for same pattern in start and stop delimiters.

Version 0.2 :

  • Support for simple 'if' condition bloc :
    Inside the if condition bloc the same name can be reused for a token.
    By doing that the bloc will be displayed only if the value is set.

Version 0.1 :

  • Support for customisable delimiters
  • Support for string template
  • Support for file template
  • Start of the class.