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New CMS for PhpConcept

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PhpConcept is moved to Joomla CMS.

Former PhpConcept website was using a home made CMS (PcWeb - which was never made public) developped at a time when CMS did not have the quality they have today. Current CMS solutions are now feature-rich and easy to use.
The main problem was to choose the good one !

I tried to move most of the content of old PhpConcept website to this new one, however some content are still on the old server. If you need to access the old server, follow this link :


SMTP Control 0.4.1 : Bug correction

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Release 0.4.1 of SMTP Control is now out for a major bug correction. While trying to optimize the internet address lookup for location, I just broke the algorythm. Version 0.4.1 correct this !

Thanks to Bertrand for the feedback and the help to troubleshoot !

triangle-vert-10 Download SMTP Control 0.4.1


PclZip 2.6 : New features on individual files

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PclZip 2.6 introduce new granular functions at the file level. You can now add a string as a file in an archive, without the need to create temporary files when a string need to be put in a zip archive.

PclZip 2.6 also correct some bugs.

User manual is not yet updated so you can find some informations bellow :

$archive = new PclZip("");
$v_filename = "new_file.txt";
$v_content = "This is the content of file one\nHello second line";
$list = $archive->create(array(
PCLZIP_ATT_FILE_NAME => $v_filename,
if (
$list == 0) {
"ERROR : '".$archive->errorInfo(true)."'");

The content of string "$v_contenu" will be added in the archive as a file with name 'new_file.txt'.

Last Updated on Sunday, 07 February 2010 15:24

SMTP Control 0.4.0

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PhpConcept is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.0 of SMTP Control Thunderbird Add-ons.

This version allow for a better support of Thunderbird 3.0, the ability to uninstall SMTP Control but keep preferences for futur reinstall, use of a uniq namespace (requirement to leave "Sandbox" for "Production" status) and lots of code improvment and bug fixing.

Enjoy this new version of SMTP Control !

triangle-vert-10 More on version 0.4.0 ...
triangle-vert-10 Download version 0.4.0 ...

Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 January 2010 08:54

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