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PclZip User Guide - Zip Format

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Zip Format

The archive structure is the PKZIP one. The PKZIP format is defined in this document : pkzip.txt

To sum up the zip archive format :

Each archived file or folder is composed by a header, which describe the file properties (name, size, ...), and the file data compressed using GZIP (see GZIP specification : rfc1952-gzip.txt).

At the end of the archive a footer repete each files properties and store archive properties. This footer gives a quick access to the archive content without the need to parse all the archive file.

Please note that the PKZIP format defines a lot of powerfull properties that are not all supported today by PclZip. Specifically PclZip does not support zip archives composed by several disks (files .zip).


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Last Updated on Saturday, 12 December 2009 18:50