PclZip User Guide - Introduction

Saturday, 05 December 2009 16:20 Vincent


PclZip is a library that creates and manage ZIP formatted archives.

The library defines a class (PclZip). An object of that class represent a single ZIP archive. The methods documented in this manual manage the archive.
Please notice that only the public methods are documented and will be maintained from one version to an other (or the modifications will be advertised in the release notes). The private internal methods can be modified without any warning from one version to an other, they must not be directly used.

PclZip is made by a single file pclzip.lib.php, which is enough to have the full features of PclZip.
Before version 1.3, PclZip absolutly need two external libraries which bring the trace and error handling functions for PclZip. Since version 1.3, the trace can still be used, but a specific version of the library must be used (pclzip-trace.lib.php). The error handling was also integrated directly inside the main file (see "Handling errors").


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