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PclTar Release Notes

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Version 1.3 :

  • Add the function PclTarExtractIndex()
  • Correction of a bug with folders. When folder are archived, the size is sometime not null. PclTar now force the size to be zero when the archived file is a folder. When un-archiving the size is also forced to 0 when the item is a folder.
  • Modify function PclTarDelete() : When you give the name of a directory to be deleted, the directory entry and the files of the directory are deleted.
  • Correct bug in the path add/remove options in functions. When a path is removed, sometime the 'home' path was not.
  • Correct a bug in directory extraction : The directory is created but the status in the resulting file list is set to write_error.
  • Correct a bug : missing update of file cache (clearstatcache())

Version 1.2 :

  • Add a new function PclTarMerge(), which allow to merge two archives.
  • Add the add_path/remove_path ability to the PclTarCreate() function
  • The add list/dir function now support empty directory. Before version 1.2, directories where not identified as separate entries, there where in the archive, only if there is at least one file.
  • Optimization of PclTarHandleAddList()

Version 1.1 :

  • Adding check of header checksum while extracting a file from the archive,
  • Enhancement in POSIX header creation. In the first version PclTar use a temporary file for checksum calculation. It is now directly computed.
  • Adding field "status" in file description, remove fields "link", "magic", "version", "uname", "gname", "devmajor" and "devminor", because they do not carry interesting info.
  • While extracting, a check is done if the file exists or not. If an error occurs in the file extraction, the file is skipped, and the function tries to extract the next one. In previous release, the extraction was stopped.
  • While extracting a file, the mtime is now updated with the value stored in the archive.
    Note that the mode (R/W) is not set today (default RW).
  • New function PclTarDelete($tarname, $filelist), which deletes the files specified in $filelist.
  • New function PclTarUpdate(), which replace old files with new ones (depending of last modification date). If the file does not exist, it is added at the end of the archive.
  • Values for the file properties array :
    • filename (with path),
    • size,
    • mode (decimal value of the octal value),
    • uid,
    • gid,
    • mtime (last modification date like time() function result),
    • typeflag ("0" or "" = file, "5" = directory, "1" = link),
    • status (ok, added, updated, not_updated, already_a_directory,
      write_protected, newer_exist, path_creation_fail, write_error)
  • Add a "remove path" property in the extract functions. This allow to extract file in an other directory than the expected directory.
  • Add new function PclTarAddList()
  • Add parameter $p_mode in PclTarList()
Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 December 2009 19:44